Pre-dinner party | Ashland, Oregon

This feels like Summer to me | Ashland, Oregon

I am in Oregon for a beautiful wedding and I am floored by the generosity of the people I’ve met here. Last night I arrived at the cottage I’m staying at until Sunday, and I looked up at the black curtain of the sky and stared in wonder of the brightness of the stars. It was a quiet, and still and important moment to feel so small. I have so much gratitude for life and love lately, and the kindness of strangers and the trees and the way you can see every star here at night, the way they blink at you like tiny wishes from a distance.

In Oregon for a wedding this weekend. Happy Friday, friends!

Listening to poet Elizabeth Cantwell at my favorite bookstore in the city (at Green Apple Books and Music)

Going off the radar and camping for the weekend 😍😴πŸ”₯

What a lovely surprise- A photo of me in my favorite blue dress is now on @anthropologie’s online gallery! What a wonderful feature, and a thank you to Karina for a beautiful and heartfelt capture.

FΓͺte Nationale | Paris, FranceΒ 

Far + Blue | San Francisco, CA

Photo by Karina