The Weekend Still Life #12 | San Francisco, CA 

My first Giants game, and the weather is perfect!

You can never have too many flowers | San Francisco, CA

Baker Beach | San Francisco, CA

For all of my talk about loving the ocean, I don’t talk a lot about how it is also my greatest fear. I am in awe of the vastness of the ocean while also cautious about the strength of the Pacific. On Monday it was warm and I finished working early so I packed a towel and some water and headed to the beach. I went up to my waist, which felt brave and with the cold rush of the water, it felt good. After a while I went back to the shore and laid on my back against my towel, soaked from head to toe and closed my eyes to the sun, my hair smelling of the sea. 

Last night I dreamt of the sea, a crystal blue ocean that was so clear I could see the sea floor. It was clear and still and my hands moved through the water like I was moving through air, and the world under water was quiet. I woke up today and it was all I thought of. The blue and the quiet. 

Weekend Still Life #11 | San Francisco, CA

Neutral Milk Hotel - "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea"

Neutral Milk Hotel- In An Aeroplane Over the Sea | via velocityprime 

Very excited to see Neutral Milk Hotel play at the Fox theater in Oakland tonight! Like a dream come true. 

Adventures in film | Diana Lomographer 35mm | New Orleans, LA

I have been to New Orleans, as evidenced by the photographs above. But there are two versions of this story. 

The short version: I have only spent eight hours in New Orleans.

The long version: My friend Dar and I went to a New Years Eve house party that my friends boyfriend was hosting. We drank champagne and took pictures and watched the fireworks go off at midnight down the street. At one point after midnight, we climbed a tree to get to the roof of the house because when it’s New Years Eve everything sounds like good and happy idea. It is one of my favorite memories, ever. Being young and barefoot, climbing a tree to sit on the roof of a strangers house, watching the fireworks with a friend who is more like a sister to me. The night was so much fun that the next morning we paid for it heartily with a hangover over breakfast, but there were pancakes so it was fine. Somewhere between my orange juice and her scrambled eggs we decided to go somewhere new and narrowed down cities we had never been to, and New Orleans was the choice. Our friend Maxie joined too, and we drove all night, arriving in Louisiana by sunrise. Two of us had to work the following day, so we drove the eight hours to New Orleans, ate food and drank their coffee and walked in the parks, and by 4:00pm had to drive back home. And then I continued my adventures by going to a new city every month for a year. The end. 

Last week I went to 15 Romolo to sneak away from the rain and meet a friend for drinks. The bar/restaurant is kind of tucked into an alleyway; the city of San Francisco is always good at hiding away the best places, so that when you discover them it feels like being in on a secret. There was a jukebox behind me, and old songs from the 60’s played as I drank a white sangria. It was delicious and they had really great vegetarian options which was a wonderful surprise since their menu has traditional plates with meat too. I had the "Bunny Burger" made of black bean lentil, and a side of their kennebec fries. This is a great place to bring friends or family, the music is a nice volume without overwhelming conversation. 

If you’re in North Beach and craving a good old fashioned atmosphere with delicious drinks and food, I highly suggest 15 Romolo.