Sunlit Wedding | Ashland, Oregon

During the ceremony, she read a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald. Her best friends stood in chiffon dresses listening, and the sun was setting behind the guests. In the heat of an Oregon Summer, at I Do, the groom kissed the mother of his daughter full on the lips, everyone crying and cheering. Love is golden, and light and it filled us all like empty cups that day. Love is everywhere. 

Melissa | San Francisco, CA

Last week, Melissa was visiting San Francisco and being the people we are we thought: what better way to commemorate her first visit back in four years than to photograph it? We adventured around her old neighborhood, and up the hills of Alamo Square Park. She climbed tree branches and happily pointed out old spots and her favorite places and all the treasured memories of when she first arrived. There is so much joy in this city, and sometimes if you’re really lucky, you find a lovely friend who knows that San Francisco, in some small way or another, will always be home.

I woke up at 3:20 this morning to the strangest sensation of being shaken awake, like someone was grabbing me by the shoulders and trying to get my attention. I realized it was an actual earthquake and no one was trying to wake me, it was everything around me that was moving. My bed shook, the art on my walls shifted side to side. I had never experienced an earthquake in my life, and felt frozen and unsure of what I should do. I love this city and I went to the bridge to be reminded of my gratitude to live here- but there’s a hyper awareness now that I disregarded before. A reality that anything could happen at anytime and the only thing I can do is be prepared, and ready for the next time the entire world around me is shaking and shifting.

A warm and sunny afternoon in North beach